7 Tips Guide to make money online in affiliate marketing


This is a 7 tips guide to make money online in affiliate marketing. Building a business online through the promotion of affiliate marketing is an excellent way how to make money online with affiliate marketing programs. Maybe you are asking yourself a question: how do I make money online as an affiliate marketer?


Keep reading and learn how to start making money online with affiliate programs. If you think this is easy money, then this is not for you because it requires effort, hard work and time, but as you know, the journey of a 1000 miles starts with the first step.


Online affiliate programs are great entrepreneurship opportunities as you learn the process of designing, launching, and running your own online business with a great potential for growing over time.


7 Tips Guide to make money online in affiliate marketing

7 Tips Guide to make money online in affiliate marketing


  1. Learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing programs.
  2. How can I make money online with an affiliate program?
  3. 6 Ways to make money with your website
  4. Who is affiliate marketing for?
  5. What are some advanges of affiliate marketing?
  6. How do I make money online as an affiliate marketer?
  7. How to start making money online with affiliate programs?

How to make money online video


7 Tips Guide to make money online in affiliate marketing

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Affiliate Marketing

Learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing programs.

In order to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing programs, you have to learn the basic process of earning money online:


1. Choose an interest.

Find something that interests you, something that you are passionate about, a hobby, some topic at which you have a lot of experience or even something that you would like to learn about. That is going to be your niche or target audience.  If you want to know more about finding a niche, you can read my post about the best niche in affiliate marketing  here.


2. Build a website

Every successful online bussiness needs a website. Building your own niche website is easy with some affiliate programs like Wealthy Affiliate where you can sign in for free and start working on a free domain with a great hosting platform like Site Rubix.


After a while, if you realize that affiliate marketing is your thing, you can upgrade to premium and buy your own domain. If you want to know more about building a website, you can read my article about 10 tips on how to make a free website and make money.


3. Attract visitors

There is a great way to get traffic to your website using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because search engines get ranked in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Some online training like Wealthy Affiliate can teach you step by step how to use SEO properly in your website.  If you want to know more about getting traffic and ranked in Google, you can read my post about SEO marketing here.


4. Earn revenue.

Once you get your website rankings you will get targeted traffic and that results in revenue because you get paid a commission for each product sold.


How can I make money online with an affiliate program?

There are millions of people online searching for things all the time. In your website you will have information for a targeted audience and you will give them solutions to their problems. When people buy a product you recommend, you earn a commission for that sale. The important thing is to know who your costumer is, and what problems you are solving.


As you share your experience and knowledge with your target audience, you will know what their needs and problems are and you can help them improve or solve their necessities by offering high quality products from which you can earn a commission.


6 Ways to make money with your website

1. Affiliate programs

There are some good affiliate programs, Wealthy Affiliate is the best I know. If you would like to join me within Wealthy Affiliate, you can register here to create your free starter membership.

This is where I learned how to build my online business, and you are just a few steps from building your online business too. You´ll get support and help from the best internet marketing community online. This is free and as a bonus, you´ll get coaching one on one from me.


2. Adsense ads and other advertising programs

  • Sign up an account with Google
  • After approval, you can log in and get a code that you add to your own site
  • Ads will show in your post, page or sidebar.
  • When visitors click on your ads, you will get paid for it.


3. Building a list

Capture your visitors e-mail addresses. Keep in contact with your visitors by giving them value and solutions to their problems.


4. Amazon products
Add some products you recommend from Amazon.com.  You also get commission from any other product your visitor buys when you send through purchase. If you target more expensive products, you can make good money.


5. Relevant advertisers

Contact relevant companies and ask if they would like to advertise on your site.


6. Create your own product

If you are completely new to internet marketing, start out with affiliate marketing. When you know how to create traffic and turn that traffic into buyers then you might want to move on and create your own product.


It is a long term goal.


Who is affiliate marketing for?

Be warned! Affiliate marketing is not for everyone.


To perform well in an affiliate marketing online business, you need to have certain abilities to work hard every day, and to follow up step by step specific skills and tasks that you will need to perform daily on your business.


You will need to put your heart and soul into making your business succeed. That is why you should really love what your are doing to achieve your goal.


There is one more thing you need to know, you will have to be very patience before you get your online business fully going, because this is not some sort of get quick rich millionaire business. Some people really make a lot of money with affiliate marketing, but it takes time and hard work.

What are some advanges of affiliate marketing?

I will explain to you why I love affiliate marketing.

  • It´s awesome to work from home or from anywhere you want to do it.
  • Affiliate marketing provides passive income.
  • You don´t need a big investment to get your business up and running, in fact you can start with no investment at all because some programs like Wealthy Affiliate offer free training.
  • You don´t have to create or maintain a product or service.
  • The only thing you are risking in this business is your time and effort.
  • There isn´t any need to worry about costumer service because you are selling someone else´s product of service.
  • No worries about payment processing because the affiliate company does that.
  • You don´t have to deal with employees.
  • You can sell as many products as you want to promote.



How do I make money online as an affiliate marketer?

I will give you my personal experience. One example of how affiliate marketing works is this web page you are on right now. One of the ways I can earn money online is through an affiliate program called Wealthy Affiliate which is a top online training program for affiliate marketing business. If you would like to know more about this top entrepreneur certificate program online, read my article about the Online Entrepreneur Certification.


I joined Wealthy Affiliate for free and they gave me a free online course on affiliate marketing. They gave me more than that, they gave me the knowledge, the tools and the support to build this web page and to start my online affiliate marketing business.


Wealthy Affiliate gave me the tools to write helpful articles (like this one you are reading right now). They taught me how to do it well, so that these articles end up ranking in search engines. That means that I get visitors to my site for free.


Wealthy Affiliate gave me an ¨affiliate link¨. Anyone who joins Wealthy Affiliate through my link is my lifetime referral. Building a business online through the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate can give you revenue on commissions per sale even if you join in for free.



As a started member at Wealthy Affiliate you can earn commissions that range from $11,25 monthly to $87,50 yearly. If you decide to invest and go premium, your commissions go from $23,50 monthly to $175 yearly.


If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, you can read the Wealthy Affiliate program review here.


As you can see my goal is to succeed and I want to help you succeed as well in creating your online business and achieving a full income and passive income online in time.


How to start making money online with affiliate programs?

The process of making money online with affiliate programs is simple. There is not magic formula, it´s a step by step work. Follow this simple guide to make money online in affiliate marketing and you will achieve your goal.


First, accomplish market research, then write high quality content of value for your audience, finally offer excellent products helpful for your readers and place affiliate links on your site. When you start to get traffic, you´ll start to get revenue.


Keep in touch because I will be developing a guide to make money online in affiliate marketing in the next posts on my website.


Affiliate marketing is a wonderful way to make a living because if you focus on helping people and making your service better, you can reach so many people with your ideas and experience. I really love it because you can do so much good to the world. You can really make a difference and besides all that, you even gain revenue for doing what you love.


Watch this video below, made by Kyle, the founder of Wealthy Affiliate, where he explains really well how is the process of making money online with affiliate marketing.


==> If you want to pursue a training on how to make money online with the best affiliate marketing online program, then

click here to read my #1 Recommendation


If you have any questions or would like to add some thoughts, please don´t hesitate to leave your comments below.












  1. Hi Verónica,
    Nice article! I especially like and agree with you on the reasons you love affiliate marketing. Being able to work from anywhere is a huge bonus that I enjoy for work as well.

  2. Hi, this sounds quite interesting. But I don’t know if the time I can afford to spend creating this affiliate business is enough. I guess I’ll still have to do a day job to earn some money for now.
    Do you think it is possible to start a lucrative website by working 3-4 hours a day? And how long would it take to earn enough to only work from home?

    • Hi Stefan,
      Building an online business with affiliate programs takes time. It is not an easy neither a quick way of earning money. What´s more, not all affiliate marketers suceed in the process. There are many websites that stay unknown.

      Therefore, it´s better if you have a proven system that works, because you follow the steps of other entrepreneurs who have had success in the online world. That is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, because you wouldn´t be doing it alone, you would have a support team of successful entrepreneurs guiding you through the journey step by step. It´s a proven system for online success.

      Affiliate marketing is a legit and proven way of making money. If you ask me the time, I would say that It would most probably take more or less around 2-5 years to achieve a steady income from your website. However, it will depend on how much time and effort you put in.

      Therefore, probable the best thing to do is to keep your part-time job while you reach your goals. The important thing is to be patient and persevering because at some point in time you will achieve revenue and a passive income as well. Stay motivated, work hard towards your goal, and you will achieve it.

      Have a great day,


  3. Hi Veronica. Thanks for the informative article. Could you tell me, what kind of support does Wealthy Affiliate offer its members? And do you think seniors looking to make a little extra money can benefit from the program?

    • Hi Devan,

      Wealthy Affiliate offers great support to all the members in different ways. For instance there is a live chat where you can interact with successful entrepreneurs and ask them all the questions you need. They are always available. You can even get help from Kyle himself who is the owner and founder of Wealthy Affiliate. You can communicate with any of them through private messages as well. There is a profile page where you can chat with any entrepreneur you would like advice from.

      Also, there are comments sections where you can ask for feedback on your website, and there is a comment section below every class or lesson that you take where you can sort out all your doubts. What´s more there is a search bar where you can look for any information you need. Finally, you can get quick help from the technical support staff in case you ever need it.

      I am sure seniors can benefit from this program. There is really not an age limit to work in affiliate marketing. They will probable do well at it because they could have more time to work on their sites. Also, if they write about something they really know they would have the expertise and authority that is needed to succeed in time. They wouldn´t just be making a litle extra money, they could make a full income with time, and they would have a passive income as well.



  4. This is a very informative article regarding affiliate marketing. I know many people are searching for an opportunity like affiliate marketing.
    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a very good place to learn everything you need to get started.

    • Hi Cynthia,
      That´s right, Wealthy Affiliate offers everything needed to succeed in the online affiliate marketing world.

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