7 Tips on what is SEO in internet marketing?


In this article you are going to learn 7 tips on what is SEO in internet marketing. Search Engine optimization (SEO) is the way to make your website friendly and best eligible for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.


This is very important because it is the legit way to get indexed and ranked in search engines. Once your website is searchable, you will be getting traffic. Those are the people who are going to read your content. To be successful, it is mandatory to get enough traffic to your website because it will result in revenue.


7 tips on what is SEO in internet marketing

What does the SEO do? Website ranking
How to get a higher Google ranking?

  1. Content
  2. Architecture
  3. HTML
  4. Trust
  5. Links
  6. Personal factors
  7. Social factors

Important considerations
What is SEO marketing about?
My final opinion
5 SEO mistakes video from Google webmasters

What does the SEO do? Website ranking

To have a successful online business you need a successful website. If you still don´t have a website, you can read my post about how to make a free website here.


The success of your website will depend on how well you are ranked in the main search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo. If you get ranked in the first two pages of those engines you will have more traffic and that leads to more sales and revenue.  If you need to understand better how traffic results in revenue, you can read my post about making money online here.


The better your website develops SEO the better ranks you will get in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Using the techniques and skills of SEO in your website will increase the visitors by obtaining a higher ranking in the search engine results page (SERP).  This is all done free, you don´t have to pay to obtain that traffic. It´s called organic traffic.


How to get a higher Google ranking?

Using SEO will make your search engine results more relevant to your visitors. You have to focus on some main factors to get better search engine results page (SERP) in higher rankings.  Follow Google SEO guidelines and you will get better rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo.


1. Content

  • Focus on writing high quality content and make sure that all your pages are very well written.
  • You should research the keywords and keyword phrases that you will use in your content, and make sure you put those words somewhere in your article.
  • Write about original, important and interesting topics.
  • Try to use images and videos in your content.
  • Make your content useful to answer main questions found in search results.
  • Don´t be shallow when writing your article, it should have substance.


2. Architecture

  • Make sure that SEO is properly set up at your website so that search engines can crawl posts in your site.
  • Make sure your site manages duplicate content in a proper way.
  • Make sure your site works well for mobile devices as well.
  • The speed of your site should have a fast load time.
  • Your URLs (web address) should contain meaningful keywords along with the page topics and its content.
  • Make sure your site uses HTTP to provide secure connection to your audience.
  • Never use cloaking because it provides your visitors different results than they are expected, and it is a violation to Google´s guidelines. Trying to manipulate search engines results is severely penalized. They will be banned by Google and will no longer appear in their listings.



  • When you write your HTML titles, make sure to put keywords phrases relevant to your posts content.
  • The meta description tags should tell what your posts are about.
  • Make sure your pages are structured in the best way possible to enhance listings.
  • Use header tags with relevant keywords in your headlines and subheads.
  • Be aware that stuffing your posts with keywords won´t help, so be careful with that.
  • Don´t use hidden words inside your posts trying to get better rankings. It´s neither ethic nor legal.


4. Trust

  • If you are a trusted authority through links, shares and other aspects, you´ll get better rankings.
  • The time that your visitors spend reading your posts influences rankings. You will get better rankings if they engage with your content.
  • The longer time your site has been operating, the better chances to get a good ranking place.
  • Make sure that search engines can verify your identity and your authors´ identities.
  • Pirated content is severely penalized.
  • Putting too many adds in your content harms your chances of getting ranked.


5. Links


  • Make sure that your links are from trusted, quality and respected sites.
  • The words that you put in your links should reflect the content that your visitors are looking for.
  • It´s good to have some links that lead to the posts in your site.
  • Never purchase links to get better rankings. It will ruin your chances.
  • Creating links by spamming blogs, forums or other places is severely penalized.


6. Personal factors

  • The country you are located in affects the rankings.
  • The city or local area where you are located in also matters.
  • Your site´s visiting history is important.
  • If your site has been shared in social media is very good for the rankings. If it goes viral, imagine the rankings.


7. Social factors

  • The better your reputation, the higher rankings, specially when you have people respected on social media sharing your content.
  • The more sharing of your content on social networks the better rankings. The main social media that influences SEO are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and Pinterest.


Important considerations

Focus on writing quality content that will be engaging and useful for your visitors. Once you have your website well-structured for SEO, don´t focus on the search engines, instead put your efforts into the quality of your website.


If you keep writing high quality content, you´ll become an authority over time. Your site will become authoritative with time and that will get you indexed and ranked, which means more visitors and more revenue possibilities.


What is SEO marketing about?

When websites owners use SEO techniques and combine them with pay per click (PPC) and other forms of paid advertisements, to get better search engine rankings is called search engine marketing (SEM).


SEM includes all the strategies that are used by an online business to design, develop and launch the web page so that it becomes profitable. In that process, besides SEO techniques, it will also use social media optimization (SMO) and social media marketing (SMM).


Social media optimization (SMO) is the use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Google Plus) to make your website known to a lot of people. SMO and SMM are some form of media marketing techniques that will aim to become your site viral so that, it will get more traffic, which will lead to more revenue.

My final opinion

SEO and SEM are closely related to enhance your site´s chances to get indexed and highly ranked in the main search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo.  However, the most important aspect to take into consideration is that, you should give a great user experience to your audicence when navigating through your site and reading your content.


A great user experience is what will really lead to more traffic, more conversion rate, more revenue and more success.  SEO in internet marketing will keep evolving so, it´s important to keep reading actualizations and keep up with the changes.


Watch this video from Google Webasters about the top 5 SEO mistakes people make.


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