8 Tips on what about online scams?


It´s very probable that, at some point in our lives, we all have been victims of some kind of fraud or maybe we know someone who has. Therefore, I would like to share with you 8 tips on what about online scams. The internet is full of get-rich-quick schemes. What can we do not to fall for any of those schemes? Is there something we could really do?


The answer is yes. There is a lot we can do. We can learn about online scams. How to spot them, how to avoid them, and how to protect ourselves to prevent us from being a victim of online scams.


Keep reading this article to learn 8 tips to avoid online scams by asking yourself 8 questions to spot scams right away.


8 Tips on what about online scams?

  1. Who are the founders?
  2. Is the URL of the company encrypted?
  3. Does it promise to get-rich-quick?
  4. Does the program offer support?
  5. Does it have many upsells?
  6. Does the revenue come only from recruiting people?
  7. Do you have to pay to join the program?
  8. What other people are saying about the program?


Who are the founders?

You´ll be surprised when you start seaching for the founders of the programs, because you´ll se how difficult it is to know who the founders are in most of the online programs. Yes, the internet is full of scams.


If you can´t find who the founders are, then the probability that the program is a scam is very high. I would suggest that you got away from that program as soon as possible. That´s a great red flag that should turn on your alert buttons.


One example of that, is a company named Orbisbux. I did a review on that company. I couldn´t find anywhere who the founders of the company were. You can read my Orbisbux review here.



https:// encrypted

Is the URL of the company encrypted?

Always look for the company´s URL. It should start by ¨https://¨. If it doesn´t, it means that the website you are geting into is not secure because it´s not encrypted, in other words, any hacker could easily do a tampering in the communication and steal your personal information like credit card number and bank account.


Therefore, avoid programs or products which websites are not encrypted with the https connection.


Does it promise to get-rich-quick?

There is a pattern that all schemes follow: they always offer easy money and quick money. Be always suspicious If a program offers you to get-rich-quick, to make you a millionaire in a short period, to make it seem so easy that it´s possible to make a lot of money so quickly.


Those type of scams usually have pictures of people in a yacht, or with expensive cars and traveling.


An example of get-rich-quick promises is CloudBux, they claim that you can earn a lot of money in an easy and quick way. My husband was a victim of that scam. When he reached $250, he couldn´t receive the payment, the program stoped, and he didn´t get any answer through e-mail or support. You can read my CloudBux review here.



Does the program offer support?

One of the most important things that a legit program should offer is a support system where you can get in touch with the owners and the members of the program. If you need to ask a question or need any kind of help within the program, you should be able to receive it.


If a program does not answer your e-mails and you have no way of contacting the owners, then it is probably a scam. One bad example is CloudBux, it was impossible to reach any answer through e-mail.


A good example is Wealthy Affiliate where you can get support 24/7/365. You can even have private access to its creators vía private messages. There is also a great community of successful entrepreneurs always willing to help and answer the questions you might have. You can read my review about Wealthy Affiliate here.


pyramid scams

Does it have many upsells?

Be careful when you join a program for a small amount of money and suddenly they start selling you more stuff at a much higher price, and the selling and the higher prices never stop. They always have some other product to sell at a higher cost.


Stay away from high ticket affiliate marketing products. They will always tell you that, it´s easier to sell one product for thousands of dollars than one hundred products for a few dollars, and that you´ll get bigger commissions from the overpriced products. But the truth is that you won´t be able to sell those overpriced products to anyone.


That´s the technique used in high ticket multi-level marketing (MLM) scams. According to the Federal Trade Commission, 99% of the people who join MLM programs end up losing money. Even though, the members usually have the idea that they can make a lot of money with those programs, the real facts show that only 1 % of the members (the founders and directors) are the only ones really making a lot of money.


One case of a MLM (multi-level marketing) pyramid scam is MOBE where they offered products worth thousands of dollars.


My sister was deceived by the MOBE program. She bought the program for $99 as a 21 steps training course that would teach her about online business success, but when she got to level 6 there was an upsell of $2,497 to buy the MOBE Lisence Rights Program. After, she told her coach that she didn´t have that kind of money to invest in MOBE, it was the last time she heard from him. You can read the complete story in the MOBE review.


pyramid scams

Does the revenue come only from recruiting people?

There are many affiliate programs that are pyramid scams, because the only way they can make any revenue is by recruiting other members that buy the same membership or products that they already bought.


In the pyramid scams, the directors and top members of the program are the ones who really get to make a lot of money because they always get paid for everyone´s commissions. However, most of the members end up losing money, and the only form of revenue is by recruiting more members to buy the same products that the affiliate already bought.


An example of that, is MOBE. You can read my MOBE review here. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) introduced a lawsuit against MOBE in June 2018, accusing MOBE of a massive internet coaching scheme.


pyramid scams

Do you have to pay to join the program?

If you have to pay to join the program, you run the chances that you are getting into a scheme, and after you have given your credit card number, you run the risk of getting unauthorized payments from it.


The legit programs never ask for your credit card at the beginning, in fact, they offer free trials so that you can take a look of the program, and try it to see if it works for you, before spending any money.


An example of a legit and honest online program is Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program. It is an online business program where people receive the training and tools needed to become a successful entrepreneur in the online business world through the affiliate marketing.


The starting membership at Wealthy Affiliate is completely free. After you have tried the program, and you have seen if it works for you, there is a premium membership that offers more features and tools. There aren´t any other upsells whatsoever. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program review here.


Wealthy Affiliate support

What other people are saying about the program?

It´s wise to investigate what other people are saying about the program you are going to join. Always look for review articles and for scam reviews to see if there is any scam report about the program. It´s good to read many different reviews about the program or product because the internet is full of fake reviews.


What I mean is that, there are many people who write good reviews for a program or product just because they will get a commission for it. I´ve even found good reviews for products o programs that, I know from my experience that are scams, like CloudBox, for example.


Ask for the advice of successful entrepreneurs who have more time in the online business and have heard a lot more about what´s good and what about online scams.


Also, never take any decision under emotions because they might blind your mind, specially if the making money promises are very tempting. Take at least a few days to cool down your thoughts, ask your family and friends what they think about it.


Finally, after you have studied the pros and cons of the program, most importantly, follow your heart.


Be always true to yourself.


My final opinion.

I´ve given you my honest opinion what about online scams I have run into. I´ve learned from my experience to recognize those scams, and I hope these tips, I´ve learned to use for myself to protect me and my family from being deceived from online scams, might help you too.


Here is a video below where you can understand the difference between Piramid scams and Ponzi scams


Although, there are many scams online, there are also legit programs. It´s only a matter of keep looking and research to be able to make the right decision.

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This program is Wealthy Affiliate. It has more than 12 years in business and its creators are Kyle and Carson. It´s an honest and legit program that anyone can enjoy and leverage from it to learn how to become an online entrepreneur.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership, and you don´t need to give your credit card number to register.


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If you would like me to make a review about any program that you might have doubts whether it´s a scam or not, please feel free to leave me you comment below, and don´t forget to write the name of the program you want me to write the review about, and also give me your honest opinion of why you think it might be a scam.


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