CloudBux review. Is CloudBux a scam?


Read this CloudBux review to know the answer to the question: Is CloudBux a scam?  There are many online companies promising to make a lot of money working for them. We should be careful when working online because there are many scams in the internet world that usually take advantage of good people who are looking for making money online from home.


CloudBux review. Is CloudBux a scam?

CloudBux. The Overview and rankings.

  • Name: CloudBux
  • Website: Cloudbux.net
  • Owners: Juan and Franco
  • Years in business: since 2016
  • Website builder: no
  • WordPress hosting: no
  • Research tools: no
  • Success stories: not found even one trust worthy
  • Product effectiveness: no
  • Price: free.

myentrepreneurshipsite.com ranking for cloudBux: Scam




CloudBux review. Is CloudBux a scam?


CloudBux is a web page created by two brothers Juan and Franco since 2016. It was called Cloud Traffic before. They work with advertising pages, you have to try their products and you will get a commission for doing that. They give you many offers, some of them may be to download an app, test a game or register on a page. They affirm that for every offer you make, you will be paid between $1 to $9.


They claim to offer a system where you can earn considerable amounts of money in an easy and quick way. They claim that you can start earning $10 to $100 on a daily basis, and when you have referrals that amount is even bigger.


The website is not encrypted, what it means is that it doesn´t have an URL: https:// for secure communication, which makes the site unsafe because the connection is not private. For instance, some hacker might steal your bank account or credit card information while you are on this site.


Who is Cloudbux for?

They offer Cloudbux to any person who is in need to earn an easy money online.


Tools and Training.

It doesn´t offer tools and trainning.


Even though they claim to offer a forum chat after you have reached $250, it never opens.

They offer an e-mail to contact them but they never reply the mail you send them.



It´s free to join. When you reach $250 you can have referrals and you can earn 50% of their commissions.


The payments would be received through Payza, PayPal or Skrill.  The payments would be received at the time of the request or up to 31 business days. After requesting your payment, you have to keep doing 3 daily offers otherwise you won´t get paid. After receiving your first payment, it would only take 2 days to get payed.


They say that, most of the people quit their jobs after the first payment because they make 100 times more money than in their regular jobs.

My experience with CloudBux

We completed the daily offers for 3 months and we never received the payment. The forum chat that they promised when reached the $250 never worked (it didn´t even open). They never paid. The reclaims of the unreceived payment was sent through e-mail but it was never responded. It was terrible.

My Final Opinion of Cloudbux

In my opinion, which is based on personal experience and research, CloudBux is a scam.


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I am so sorry for all the people who have been scamed by CloudBux, but don´t lose hope.  There are many scams in the internet, and we all have to be careful not to fall for any of those sites, but there are also good sites.  If you are looking for a legit  and honest way of making money online then check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate.


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