Is Cryptonia a scam? | Review


Be careful because there are many scams in the online world. Keep reading this review to know the answer to the question: is Cryptonia a scam?

The Overview and Rankings.

  • Company name: Cryptonia or Cryptonian Traders LTD
  • Domain: cryptonia.cc (not found anymore)
  • NS server: ajay.ns.cloudflare.com and gene.ns.cloudflare.com
  • Time in business: May 2018
  • Product effectiveness: it is not paying anymore
  • Support: 0
  • Price: minimal spend $20 to big amounts of money that would result in high yield investment profits

My overall ranking: SCAM


Is Cryptonia a scam? | Review

Cryptonia Overview

    • High yield investment program (HYIP):
      • 103-145% after 1 day
      • 115-290% after 4 days
      • 135-500% after 8 days
      • 165-760% after 12 days
      • 230-1550% after 21 days
      • 300-2350% after 30 days
      • 2340-4950% after 100 days
  • Minimum spend: $20 over 8 days
  • Maximum spend: $150,000
  • Referral bonuses: 3%
  • Withdrawal: anytime
  • Minimum withdrawal: $2
  • Interest charge: 7 days a week
  • Principal Return: Principal included
  • Withdrawal type: Manual



Cryptonia information

Cryptonia is a high yield investment program (HYIP), it offers a big investment profit in dollars or cryptocurrencies. People can place their investment from 1 day to 100 days. The total profit of the investment varies from 103% to 4950%


They claim that the minimum investment is $20 over 8 days and that, the profit can be withdrawn manually at anytime after the time is fulfilled.

A Cryptonia user experience

I knew about Cryptonia because a family member fell into this scam. He told me that he was attracted at first, by the high amount of money that was promised in return for the investment.


Also, there was a minimum investment of $20 offer while for other traders the minimum investment was $100. The program would practically duplicate the money fast so, he invested $20 over 21 days. He payed through Payeer.


After the 21 days, he received an email showing that the investment had multiplied, it reached $46. Then, he tried to withdraw the money but he couldn´t because the page stated that he had not reached the minimum for withdrawal (even tough the minimum withdrawal shown at the beginning was only $2).


Therefore, he did a reinvestment for 1 more day. The next day he could not withdraw the money either so, he reinvested for 21 more days. After that time, the page did not open anymore.

Cryptonia Pros and Cons


Some people might get a big amount of money in return for their investment at the beginning of the program while a lot of people are investing. If they withdraw their money before people stop investing, they can make a lot of money.



Only a few people, specially the owners, are the ones who are going to get any money for the investment, the rest, who are the big majority of the people, are going to lose their money.

Cryptonia support

They claim to offer support through e-mail: support@cryptonia.cc. However, when it is time to withdraw the money, the page closes and it is impossible to contact them.

Cryptonia Tools & Training

It doesn´t have any tools or training

Cryptonia Price

Minimal spend: $20 over 8 days investment.

Maximum Spend: $150,000

Who is Cryptnonia for?

Cryptonia targets an audience who is eager to risk high amounts of money in dollars or cryptocurrency trading in order to achieve big returns to the investment.

Cryptonia payment effectiveness

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $2 (0.005 BTC). They claim to give the deposit and profit at the end of the term but, cryptonia is not paying anymore. Last payed report on the web was May 29, 2018.

My Final Opinion on Cryptonia

Cryptonia.cc is a high yield investment program (HYIP) in other words, it´s a type of Ponzi scheme where people are asked to invest big amounts of money but, it´s an investment scam because the money one person invests is used to pay another person in the program so, in order to get paid, a new member has to come in the program necessarily. When nobody else is entering the program, it closes taking everyone´s money.


In my opinion I don´t see any good in risking money in this type of trading specially because the structure is based on a Ponzi scheme, where a few people are going to win money but, most of the people are going to lose money. The internet is full of this type of schemes everywhere so, we should have our eyes wide open not to fall into any of those scams.


I recommend that, before spending any amount of money in any program, it´s better to wait a litle. We should never act by impulse or emotions. Also, It´s always good to share with someone else the information about the product because advice from a close friend or a family member can always save us from a bad decision.


My final opinion

Cryptonia at a Glance…

Cryptonia.cc or Crytonian Traders LCD



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If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and I´ll be happy to help you out..

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