Is MOBE a scam or what? Review


Keep reading this post and make your own conclusions. Is MOBE a scam or what? In my opinion, MOBE is a multi-level high ticket affiliate marketing scam system. It´s a fraudulent online education business program.

On Monday, June 4, 2018, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) from the United States of America, introduced a lawsuit against MOBE. The case is pending in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Orlando Division.

The Court entered a temporary restraining order against MOBE on June 5, 2018, accusing the company of being a massive internet coaching scheme.


Is MOBE a scam or what? Review

The MOBE Review.

The Overview and Rankings.

Company name: MOBE ¨My Online Business Education¨

Also known as MTTB ¨My Top Tier Business.¨

The company was called earlier ¨My Online Business Empire¨ and ¨My Own Business Empire¨

Website URL: mobe.com and myinterneteducation.com

Website owner: Matthew Lloyd (CEO)

Years in business: 6

Product effectiveness: MOBE is a fraudulent business education program. The only way to make money with the program is by selling de same membership worth thousands of dollars.

Support: scheme coaching throughout the 21 step program pushing members to buy more expensive programs.

Price: initial $49 for the 21 step program which is followed by upsells worth thousands of dollars.

My overall ranking: SCAM


This is a thorough review about MOBE.

After the FTC introduced a lawsuit against MOBE, you might be asking yourself a question: Is MOBE a scam or what? Keep reading and make your own conclusions to find out the answer to that question.

MOBE information

MOBE is a multi-level marketing online business program created by Matt Lloyd. It starts with a program called the 21-step MTTB (My Top Tier Business) where you learn about high ticket affiliate marketing, sales funnels and tiered product mix (they sell different products at different prices). This is all basically aimed to recruit you as an affiliate member to gain big commissions by promoting and selling their products to other members.

They offer a training to teach you how to build your own online business, but what they really do is to guide you to promote and sell their own online MOBE products to other members.

Product effectiveness

Some people have made thousands of dollars in commissions by selling their online products, but most people haven´t as recruiting becomes almost imposible for them. The profits come only from recruiting other members by selling online products worth thousands of dollars.

Product benefits

You get some training and education on high ticket affiliate marketing and tiered product mix (they offer different products at different prices). Some people have made a lot of money on commissions selling MOBE online products to their members.

Product support

Once you start the 21-step program, you get your own coach who you can talk to and ask any questions you might have. However, I believe that the real job of the coach is to push people into spending more money into de program. It´s big amounts of money what we are talking about here, thousands of dollars.

MOBE Tools & Training

They offer training, videos, posts, one-to-one video calls with a personal coach and live events where you can talk to MOBE business experts who are already making six figure dollars (the directors and top people in the company).


The program starts for $49 (sometimes $99) with a 21-step program where they teach you about high ticket affiliate marketing. Then your coach will keep pushing you through many upsells because the only way anyone can make money with MOBE is by recruiting more members and selling their MOBE online overpriced products. Also, in order the gain a commission, you have to buy the product first.

In step 6 of the 21-step program there is an upsell of $2,497 USD to buy the MOBE License Rights Program. Then you become a Standard Consultant by paying a fee of $19/month. You get commissions ranging from 20% to 50% selling the products that you already bought.

Silver Master Class $2,499 USD. You become a Silver Consultant and you´ll get 50% commission from recruiting more members that buy the same program.

Gold Master Class $4,997 USD. You become a Gold Consultant and you´ll get 50% commissions from recruiting more members who buy the same programs you have.

Titanium Mastermind $9,997 USD. It´s a 3 days live training event where you become a Titanium Consultant and gain 50% commissions from recruiting more members to the program.

Platinum Mastermind $16,667 USD. It´s a 5 days live training event where you become a Platinum Consultant and get $8,000 USD per sale on commissions.

Diamond Mastermind $29,997 USD. You become a Diamond Mastermind and gain commissions up to $13,500 per sale.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • You learn about high ticket affiliate marketing
  • You learn the essential elements of an online business
  • Some people have made a lot of money with this multi-billion dollar industry.

The Bad:

  • You need to promote only MOBE products and services.
  • You get a commission only from recruiting new members to every upsell program.
  • You can only create your own product when you reach the top of the upsells program, and it still has to be a MOBE related product.
  • Most people never make any money at all with MOBE business.
  • Most people end up losing money with MOBE business

Who is MOBE For?

MOBE specially targets US citizens, veterans and older adults through social media, online ads, e-mail and live events. They specially target people who have the financial ability to buy the overpriced programs upsells. (They quickly discard people who can´t afford the upsells).

My personal experience with MOBE

Last year, my sister bought the MOBE 21-step program MTTB (My Top Tier Business).

She began the training and the first steps where about the essential elements of an online business success: traffic, funnel, choosing the right prospects, doing follow up through e-mail, phone or messages forever until they buy, the tiered product mix theory offering different products at different prices, and learning all about the high ticket affiliate marketing MOBE new model.

She was assigned a one-to-one private coach through video calls, who would unlock the next step after they talked.

When she reached step 6 something happened that she didn´t like, there was an upsell, the coach pushed her to buy the MOBE License Rights Program at a cost of $2,497. She was wise though, she told him that she couldn´t make that decision alone, because first, she had to talk to her husband.

By the way, that´s the right thing to do when you feel pushed into buying something, make some time, ask someone else´s advice, and after thinking it over, most importantly, trust your gut. Never rush over a business decision based on emotions, let your emotions cool down first because they could blind your mind.

Finally, she called the coach and told him that she wasn´t interested and that she didn´t have the money to buy that license (she specially told him that, so he wouldn´t keep calling her afterwards).  When he saw that she wasn´t a prospect, he told her that her video calls were over and that it wouldn´t do her any good to continue so, that was the end of the coaching.

After a few months, she realized that the company had been taking $68 monthly from the credit card without her authorization. It was the same company under different monthly names.  The same company had around 6 different names.

Is MOBE a pyramid scheme?

Watch this video below where you can learn what´s a Pyramid scheme and how it is different from a Ponzi scheme.

My Final Opinion on MOBE

My opinion is that MOBE is a pyramid scam because it´s a multi-level marketing system in which the only way that you could make money is from recruiting more members through the payment of high ticket online products that are highly overpriced in thousands of dollars.

Some members do make money, specially the ones at the top, but for most of the members it´s unsustainable, and they don´t get any profits from the MOBE products they bought, and end up losing a lot of money.

They are always funneling money to the top directors of the pyramid. There are a few people, including the directors of the program, who are making large amounts of money, while most of the people who join the program lose money. That´s why I think it´s a scam.

I also think it´s a scam because the money you make from MOBE only depends on how many people you recruit and how much upsells you get from them.


In my opinion, MOBE is definitely a fraudulent business education program.

It´s a pyramid scheme multi-level high ticket affiliate marketing system.

MOBE at a Glance…

Name: MOBE ¨My Online Business Education¨

Website: mobe.com and myinterneteducation.com

Owner: Matt Lloyd

Price: from $49 to $29,997 USD.

Overall Scam Rank: Scam


I am really sorry for all the people that invested in MOBE and lost money. The internet is full of schemes and we have to learn how to recognize them to protect us from falling into any of them. I wrote an article about how to spot online scams, just click here to read it.


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