Is OrbisBux scam or legit |Review


This is a thorough OrbisBux review to help you make your own conclusions to the question: Is OrbisBux scam or legit? We all should be alert when facing a possible fraud because  there are more scam sites in the internet world every day.  We all should be aware of that.


Going through some PTC sites we run into Orbisbux. What they offer is tempting because they offer to pay per click more than most sites do. However, there was always a question in mind: Is OrbisBux a scam? Let´s read the OrbisBux review so that you can make your own conclusions as well.


Is OrbisBux scam or legit | Review


OrbisBux review. Is OrbisBux a scam or legit?

  • Company name: OrbisBux
  • Owners: unknown
  • Website: orbisbux.com (it doesn´t show the https before the domain)
  • Years in business: the page doesn´t inform
  • Website builder: none
  • WordPress hosting: none
  • Research tools: none
  • Success stories: I didn´t find any
  • Product effectiveness: no evidence
  • Support: non responsive
  • Price:
    • Starter member: free
    • Premium: €9.99/month €34.99/year
    • Elite: €14.99/month €49.99/year
    • Ultimate: €24.99/month €79.99/year

myentrepreneurshipsite.com ranking for Orbisbux: SCAM






OrbisBux is a PTC (pay per click) site. It claims that costumers can register and make money doing some clicks and viewing some adds. What´s more, it also offers the business owners the opportunity to pay for traffic for their websites or products.


It offers instant pay outs and no minimum cash outs. If offers €0.10 per click and €0.01 per referal´s clicks. It offers €3 for free on the account balance for the first 120.000 members. Then it asks you to download an app called Alexa Traffic Rank to be able to have the money. Once you do that, the money goes to your OrbisBux account.


OrbisBux claims to have 113,964 total members, and to have €4,049,001.64 total paid out. It shows it´s active by posting that 60 new members joined last 24 hrs.


Personal experience with OrbisBux.

My husband run into this site on January 21th 2018. The information written in the first page of the site was tempting because it offered €3 free. Then, to have the money, it asked to download an app Alexa Traffic Rank. He registered free and downloaded the app. Then he received the app, and the €3 were left in the OrbisBux account.


In the front page of the site was written: instant payout, no minimum cash out. Therefore, after he worked that day doing some clicks, he decided to cash out the money. However, he couldn´t because the program stated that he had to do 100 clicks to be able to cash out the money.


Then, he did the 100 clicks that OrbisBux asked for, but this time he couldn´t cash out the money either because the program stated that he had to bring 10 direct referrals. That´s not all, it gave another condition: that the 10 referrals needed to be active in order to cash out the money.


After that, he decided not to continue because he thought it was dishonest. They didn´t show all the rules since the beginning, and they kept up selling, asking for more things to do in order to cash out the money.


Every time he had accomplished the goal to cash out the money, there was another up sell keeping him from getting the money. Therefore, the only ones getting any money are the unknown OrbisBux owners.


Who is OrbisBux for?

It usually attracts people who are trying to make some fast and easy money on the internet. It pays higher commissions than other sites and offers €3 free so, it is appealing at first site.



OrbisBux Disadvantages

It´s really alarming that when you enter OrbisBux site, it doesn´t show a secure https before the domain. It only shows orbisbux.com.


In case, you don´t know, https stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. What it does is that it protects your information shared between your browser and the website that you are connected to. In other words, all the information between your browser and the website that you are visiting are encrypted.


That is the main reason why https is used to protect you when you are doing online bank transactions or online shopping. Otherwise, any hacker could enter your system and steel your information. Therefore, I found that the main OrbisBux disadvantage is that the information is not encrypted. It is not protected with https so, the main consequence is:


  • The costumer information, like credit card numbers, could be intercepted.
  • There is no way possible to verify that Orbisbux is a registered business and that it owns the domain.



I don´t see any advantages in OrbisBux.



OrbisBux Support

Although it claims to offer support and there is a box for it, there is no evidence that it actually works.

Tools and Training

It doesn´t offer any tools or trainning.


OrbisBux Price

  • Starter member: free
  • Premium: €9.99/month €34.99/year
  • Elite: €14.99/month €49.99/year
  • Ultimate: €24.99/month €79.99/year



They claim to pay using PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin.


After reviewing the terms of service, I realized that it was written there, that the costumer had to do 100 clicks, and bring in 10 direct referrals that had to be active in order to cash out the money. However, I still find it dishonest, because they are misleading the costumers showing a different information, using it as a catch for people in the front page.


Reading the terms of service, I found out they wrote that they don´t take any responsabilities for the investments that you make. They can also decide to stop pay outs. What´s more, they wrote that they won´t pay any members if their earnings are less than their expenses or just for any reason.


They also wrote that they could change the terms of service at any time and that there is no refund for the money you invest in them.


It captures my attention that while the costumer is logged in Orbisbux, the term of service box disappears from the main menu on the top. Maybe that´s a reason for most people not to read the terms of service while they are logged in working that page.


OrbisBux effectiveness

There is no evidence that it really pays.

My final opinion. Is OrbisBux scam or legit?

After my husband´s awful experience with OrbisBux, and having done a thorough research to write this review, my honest and final opinion is that Orbisbux is a SCAM.

Company name: OrbisBux

Owners: unknown

Website: orbisbux.com (it doesn´t show the https before the domain)

Verdict: SCAM

Watch this video where you can see clearly that Orbisbux is a scam.


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If you have any questions or maybe you have had a bad experience with Orbisbux as well, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.







  1. I do agree with you.I work for the site.I can see that there are many other hidden conditions to get paid.it is said NO MINIMUM PAID OUT.bUT this is not true. I cannot continue with this site.They start with the numbers of clicks(100) while they do not mention it.When I reached it,they require 10 referals.What next? Each time you reach the condition,they give you another one

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