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The SiteContent platform at Wealthy Affiliate will allow you to deliver high quality content to your website, and enjoy the process, with no worries whatsoever on the technical issues of writing online. SiteContent is the best writing platform online.

SiteContent is the best writing platform online for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to write content for websites online. It belongs to the SiteRubix website host and builder at Wealthy Affiliate entrepreneurship program. SiteContent is an online writing platform where you can write all the content you need to publish for your website.


SiteContent is also useful for writing and saving all the ideas you come up with for your website´s content. It´s an awesome platform that offers great features for creative and unique content writing which is the main factor to get better rankings in search engines.


Keep reading this thorough review,  and find out why SiteContent is the ultimate writing platform online. You won´t need any other tool after you have used SiteContent to be successful in the online business.


Remember that a successful website online business starts with writing great content.


Is SiteContent the best writing platform? Review

SiteContent the ultimate writing platform

SiteContent is the ultimate writing platform because it´s got everything that it´s needed to write high quality content for your website. It features many awesome characteristics:


  • Grammar and spelling checker
  • Vocabulary suggestions
  • Duplicate content check before publishing
  • Publish directly to your WordPress Website
  • Publish as a post or a page
  • Templates to make it easier to write every article
    • Affiliate disclosure template
    • Policy privacy template
    • Keyword rich content template
    • Product review template
    • Make your own template
  • Keeps track of writing statistics such as:
    • Articles published and indexed in Google
    • Make templates goals
    • Writing level measured in words counted
    • Make goals about written articles, word counts and published articles
  • Over 1 million high quality images to use in your articles
  • Insert links or affiliate links
  • Content structure analysis
  • Organize your articles into bucket categories
  • Save your drafts and change them as many times as you want before publishing
  • Autosave content every few minutes while you write
  • Autosave revisions every few minutes (in case you made a mistake, you can always go back to the revision you prefer and restore it)


SiteContent Wealthy Affiliate

SiteContent writing platform is at Wealthy Affiliate.

SiteContent is offered at Wealthy Affiliate entrepreneurship program.


Wealthy Affiliate University is an online certification program on how to become a successful entrepreneur by creating an online business. The course guides you step by step in the process of building your own website, having your own domain hosted at Wealthy Affiliate, and creating your own online business.


Watch a video made by Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, where he gives us an overview of SiteContent



Wealthy Affiliate offers much more than just domain hosting, building websites, and the certification course. There is a whole community of successful entrepreneurs, always willing to help you, whenever you need it. You get the opportunity to have feedback and comments on your website which makes you grow as an entrepreneur.


Read my review on Wealthy Affiliate to find out all the benefits of joining free this amazing entrepreneurship program.



SiteContent Wealthy Affiliate

SiteContent Dashboard

The SiteContent Dashboard shows your statistics writing level, your all-time words written, your articles published and unpublished and it shows your indexed articles. It also allows you to search your articles by keywords. Organize your articles by last edited or article title, by ascending or descending mode, and by published and unpublished articles.


Every article shows some elements at the bottom:

  • G. When the article has been indexed in Google, the letter G is displayed in colors.
  • Bucket. It allows you to organize your articles into different categories.
  • Circle. It turns green when your content has been published.
  • Trash can. It deletes the article.



SiteContent Wealthy Affiliate

Creating and editing content at the SiteContent platform

To start writing your article press ¨create new¨ at the SiteContent Dashboard. Then it asks you to choose from a blank document or from a writing template. Templates are very useful when writing reviews or keyword rich articles. It speeds up the process of writing and makes it easier.



SiteContent Wealthy Affiliate

The SiteContent editor is really easy to use. First of all, you should write the title of your article. Then you can start writing your awesome content. Save your article by clicking the save button and your can publish it to your website when it´s ready.


This platform is very similar to the WordPress writing structure lay out. It´s very easy to use. The article autosaves every few minutes so, you can go back to any of the saved versions in case you need it.


The editor has all the editing tools you need:

  • Heading buttons: H1, H2, H3
  • Normal body text: p
  • Bold text: B
  • Italics: i
  • Underline: U
  • Align to the left, center or to the right
  • Insert hyperlink, edit and remove it.
  • List items: ordered and bullet lists
  • Add lines
  • Add images
  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure checker
  • Word count
  • Make it a template
  • Organize your articles into buckets
  • Delete the article
  • Save the article
  • Publish the article to your website


SiteContent platform writing statistics

The SiteContent platform gives you a nice overview of your word written statistics over a given period. It also helps you set up your writing goals to accomplish them faster.


  • Total number of words written on this platform over time.
  • Organize your stats: all time, daily, weekly and monthly. Customize it through specific days.
  • Writing level of number of words written compared to other members.
  • Number of articles published and indexed in Google.
  • Set a word count goal in a given period.
    • I recommend that you don´t focus on the word count as much as on writing high quality content.
  • Set a goal for publishing your articles in a given period.
  • Graphic overview of how many words have been written in a given period.



SiteContent Wealthy Affiliate

SiteContent platform writing templates

The SiteContent templates platform is very useful to increase the efficiency of your content writing for your website. The templates allow you to create any given structure for all the different categories of articles that you want to write. This will save you time through the course of writing your articles.

  • Privacy policy template
  • Affiliate disclosure template
  • About me template
  • Create new templates: reviews, keyword rich articles, etc.


SiteContent writing platform grammar and spelling checker

The SiteContent writing platform offers a great editor for grammar and spelling check. It doesn´t only point out what the mistake is but, it also offers suggestions to what might be the correct word to use.


The SiteContent editor makes suggestions for the right sentence structure and appropriate vocabulary.




SiteContent checks duplicate content

There is an awesome feature in the SiteContent platform: it checks for duplicate content just before you publish your article. Therefore, you can always be certain that every article you publish is always unique.


Publishing unique articles is very important for search engine rankings. Publishing duplicate content is severely punished by search engines and will drastically low your rankings.



SiteContent high quality images

The SiteContent platform offers over 1 million high quality beautiful images that you can add to your articles directly from the editor while you are writing your content.  It offers high resolution images so, you can be certain that you will obtain a high quality finish product. The images are Creative Commons Zero (CCO), in other words, you can use them for free in your website for any use you like.


To find the image, just click on the image icon on the editor toolbar. It will give you three options:

  • Search an image: there are over 1 million free beautiful images taken from the leaders in the image industry: Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash.
  • Upload an image from your computer.
  • Choose recently used images.


Crop your images into circles, squares or rectangles. You choose the shape you like and align it to the left, right or center in your article. Also add to the images internal links to your website or external links somewhere else. It allows you to edit your images whenever you like.





Every article you write is saved in article cards with images from the content so that you can easily visualize your writing work more efficiently.


The SiteContent platform has the latest upgrades in compression technology so that your images keep the best resolution without adding ¨lag¨ to your website. A faster user experience in your website will result in better rankings.


SiteContent is my favorite content writing platform

I just love the SiteContent platform at Wealthy Affiliate for many reasons:


  • It allows me to centralize all my writing work in one place.
  • I can write all my website´s content there.
  • I am able to make all the editing the content needs.
  • It allows me to correct all the spelling and grammar errors that I might make.
  • I can add great high quality images to my content.
  • I always save as many drafts as I need until I get it right.
  • If I make a mistake, like deleting something by error, I can always go back to previous saved versions of the article.
  • It allows me to organize and plan my work which makes the writing easier, more productive and efficient.
  • I can publish my articles as posts or pages directly to my website without any worries of duplicate content because I am certain that all the content I publish is always unique and original.
  • It shows me whether my published articles have been indexed by Google.


Finally, SiteContent makes it easier and more fun to write content for my website. I truly enjoy focusing on writing content with no worries on the technical issues.


SiteContent is the best writing platform online

My honest conclusion and opinion is that SiteContent is the best writing platform online for bloggers, content website writers, affiliate marketers or anyone who wants to write high quality content for a website.


The SiteContent platform at Wealthy Affiliate will allow you to deliver a high quality product to your website and enjoy the process with no worries whatsoever on the technical issues of writing online.



I leave you a video below where Kyle, the creator of SiteContent, gives us a walk through the platform. In the video, you can see why SiteContent is the best writing platform online. I hope you like it.


I hope this article was very useful to you and encouraged you to start or to keep writing great articles online. If you liked this post, please give me some likes and share it with your friends. Don´t hesitate to leave your questions or comments below.


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The SiteContent platform at Wealthy Affiliate will allow you to deliver high quality content to your website, and enjoy the process, with no worries whatsoever on the technical issues of writing online. SiteContent is the best writing platform online.

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