What is my experience with Wealthy Affiliate


In this post, I would like to share what is my experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I discovered Wealthy Affiliate in October 2017 when I was looking for a legit way to make money online. Wealthy Affiliate looked like a legit way of making money online so, I joined free. I registered for the free membership. All I had to do was sign in with my e-mail and I didn´t have to pay a dime.


I didn´t know anything about affiliate marketing or making money online before joining Wealthy Affiliate, and they offered to teach me how to build my own website and how to make it profitable. Even though, I was a complete newbie on that matter at that time, I decided to join and see what I could learn there.


what is my experience with Wealthy Affiliate


First month progress at Wealthy Affiliate.

The first few weeks were awesome! Following their training course step by step, I was able to build two websites from scratch. I learned about affiliate marketing, how to make money online with affiliate programs, how to create a niche, and how to create excellent content for my websites in a proper and competitive way.


I learned so much in the first month and I was able to put it all in practice in my own websites. Therefore, I was excited to join the premium membership at the end of my first month after I finished the phase 1 of the training. I wanted to keep going and to keep learning more, and I was very certain that following step by step the training course, I really could one day make money from my websites. Therefore, I took advantage of the Black Friday offer and I upgraded to the premium membership for only $299 a year.


First 3 months progress at Wealthy Affiliate

My experience with Wealthy Affiliate the first 3 months was great. I learned so much about affiliate marketing. I kept following step by step the techniques I learned in the Online Certification Course and the Bootcamp Training Course they offer. I felt like I was studying affiliate marketing in an online university. I was so happy because my websites were looking great and they were getting better each day.


In my first 3 months I got my first two websites indexed in google, bing and yahoo. Moreover, I was ranked first by google and bing for two of my articles. I was so excited, and I owed all that to the knowledge and experience that I got during the training at Wealthy Affiliate.


First 6 months progress at Wealthy Affiliate

By the time I had spent around 6 months at Wealthy Affiliate, I had built two beautiful websites and all the articles I had written had been indexed in google except one. However, I hadn´t made any money with any of my websites yet. I still did not have enough traffic going through my websites that could generate any revenue.


I tried to join an affiliate network called ShareASale.com but they rejected me at that time because I did not have enough traffic in my website. Therefore, I had to keep going writing articles for my website in hope that my traffic would rise.


First 8 months progress at Wealthy Affiliate

I realize now that affiliate marketing is harder than it looks. You have to put in so much time and effort to really make it happen. In my case, I do not have much time because I have a job and I have to take care of my family.


However, the support of the community at Wealthy Affiliate is amazing. I even have received private advice from Kyle himself who is the owner of Wealthy Affiliate.  Also, I have received help and advice from other successful entrepreneurs at the Wealthy Affiliate community.


Therefore, I decided to push harder, and spend more time following the training and working in my website, and it has paid off because most of my articles have been ranked in the main search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo. As a consequence of that, the web traffic has increased a lot.


If  you would like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program, read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.  Also, you can watch the video below made by Kyle, the creator  of Wealthy Affiliate, where he gives us a walkthrough the program.

My final and honest opinion.

My experience with Wealthy Affiliate has been great. I have learned a lot about affiliate marketing and building websites.


I haven´t had the enough time to put in the work that the websites need to start making money. However, I know that it takes time because all the experts agree that it is not easy. It is not a quick way of making money and like any business it takes time to develop.


I have had so much fun in the process. I discovered my hidden passion for writing and sharing stuff online with other people.


I really recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone looking for a legit way to make money online in the long run. I also recommend it to anyone who is trying to build a website or a business website.


If you would be interested in making money  with an excelent and honest affiliate program, read my review about how to make money with the  Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program.

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